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Corbin's al De Bear Sparkles,CD

Sparky was the ultimate dog!No one could have asked for a better more faithful companion than he was.Sparky completed his CD with average score of 193.5 making him the #2 obedience chow for 1991 and missing #1 by only .03!We lost Sparky much to young at age 7 from bloat.he will always be in our hearts!

CH Odyssey's Red Hot Lover

Lovey was my first bred by champion.She finished in 6 shows with all majors!

Odyssey's Precious Charm

Precious 7 weeks
Precious left us at 4 months to go to her new home.We will not bother to say the type life she ended up with but she is now back to live with us and have a happy rest her life.We lost Precious in'05 but at least her last few years were happy ones.

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